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Popular Questions

Do you have carpets on display for me to see and feel? +

Yes we do, we always carry a wide range of carpets as well as samples so you know exactly what you are getting.

Do you sell vinyl flooring and laminate? +

Yes we do. Come to the showroom to see a large selection of different styles to suit any budget.

Where can I buy spares for my waterbed? +

Right here at Mill Carpets. We stock a range of popular parts or we can usually order what we dont have.

Will my waterbed flood my house? +

No this is a popular myth about waterbeds.

Where can I get my waterbed serviced? +

At Mill Carpets we service all types of waterbed. Give us a call or pop into the showroom for more information.

Will my carpet be fitted? +

We arrange quality fitting for all our floor coverings

How long will my flooring last? +

That depends on the flooring and how it is being used. One of our sales staff about your chosen flooring and they will advise accordingly.